Madhya Pradesh Election: ‘5 cases should be a candidate winning’ … Kamal Nath’s video viral, BJP happened attacker

In view of Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, both Congress and BJP are not giving any chance to attack each other. These days, a video on social media is becoming viral. In this video, Madhya Pradesh Congress President Kamal Nath is seen saying, ‘Someone says that there are four cases on it. I say, big five I say very clearly that I want to win. ‘ This video will be shared with the official Twitter handle of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as well as the Chief Minister of Madhya PradeshThe concerned spokesman said: Congress is restless in Madhya Pradesh
BJP’s National Spokesperson Jatra Patra has written this video while posting on Twitter: “Someone says there are four cases, someone says there are five cases … yes how many cases should we just win … it should The fundamental ideology of the Congress is … that the criminals get promoted in politics. It clearly shows the uneasiness of Congress in Madhya Pradesh. ‘Let us state that the Congress has released a list of 155 candidates on Saturday late evening for assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. There are total 230 Assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh, which will be held on November 28, the results will be on December 11.

UP: candidate contested for ballot papers during counting of votes, Akhilesh’s taint

The voting process was peaceful for the student wing of TD PG College, located at Jaunpur, Purvanchal University but during the counting of votes, there was an atmosphere of frantic affair due to heavy fire in the final round. After the meeting of Election Officer and the Screening Committee lasted for two hours, it was declared unanimously that the election of the student union was abrogated.Keep telling that the Speaker, the Vice President, the General Secretary and the faculty were counting votes in separate rooms. There was strict security in every room. Counting to 6 rounds was done peacefully. As soon as the ballots were taken out of the ballot box and kept on the table for the final round counting, the candidate for the post of president, Harshat Singh jumped on the table.
During this time he also torn many ballots. A stampede broke into the room as soon as the ballot paper was torn. Police detained Hershit and held him in custody until the decision was made. However, during this time, Nidhi Mishra had won with 600 votes for the post of Vice President. Radheshyam Yadav was victorious for the post of the post of General Secretary, but the counting of the post of President was complete, till then he became fat.
Upon receipt of information, SP DP Singh also reached the spot with the team force and detailed information about the incident during the election process in conjunction with the principal. However, the Superintendent of Police left the responsibility of the matter on the college administration and also said that whatever decision is to be taken, take it immediately. Swearing or not being sworn by announcing the election for two hours or announcing the winning candidates, it has been churning for several hours. In the meeting, the administration of the district administration along with the administration of the district administration was also present.

H-1B Visa: US Recruitment Rules for US Companies and Strict

The US government has tightened the rules of the H-1B visa application, in which US employers have to give information about how many foreigners are working in them. This will make the H-1B application process tough.
The Labor Department will verify that there is no suitable person at the local level for the special post and therefore the company can appoint foreign worker under the H-1B visa category. In the labor application form, employers now have to give more information about the employment conditions associated with H-1B.In the labor application form, employers will have to tell where the H-1B visa workers are employed, how long they will be kept and how many jobs they have for H-1B visa workers. Under the new rules, employers will also have to tell how many foreign workers are already working in all its locations.

Before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Congress-JDS coalition’s fire test in Karnataka

In Karnataka, the ruling Congress-Janata Dal Secular (JDS) alliance is going to be held because Saturday is going to be held by three Lok Sabha and two assembly seats. The outcome of these results is likely to fall on the political scenario of the state, in which such elections are considered to be very important.
Together, the two partners of the alliance, who have decided to contest the elections, have termed it as the beginning of the general elections to be held in 2019 and called for a similar general body against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at the national level. With three Lok Sabha seats- Bellary, Shivamoga and Mandya, voting will be held on Saturday in Ramnagar and Jamkhandi assembly constituencies.

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About 6,450 polling stations have been set up for Saturday’s elections and total 54,54,275 eligible voters. There are 31 candidates in the contest in all five constituencies. However, the main fight is between the Congress-JDS alliance and the BJP. The results of the elections of the five elections will come on November 6.

In this election, Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy’s wife Anita Kumaraswamy is in the fray from the Ramnagar assembly seat. His victory is being held on this seat as BJP nominee candidate L Chandrasekhar left the BJP and took the Congress to task before the elections. The alliance between the Congress and JDS has also been formed for these five seats in which Congress has got the Bellary Lok Sabha and Jamkhandi assembly. JDS has got Ramnagar assembly seat along with Shivamoga and Mandya Loksabha seats.

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These are special candidates
Kumaraswamy’s wife Anita Kumaraswamy as JDS candidate from Ramnagar assembly seat, Anand, son of former Congress MLA Sidhu Nizam Gowda, got Jamshedandi seat in front of him, who has BJP’s S Sreesanth Kulkarni. BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa’s son BY Raghavendra has got an opportunity to contest Shivamoga Lok Sabha seat, who is challenging Madhu Bangarappa of JDS.

In the Bellary Lok Sabha seat, the BJP leader is contesting between Shrimu’s sister J. Shantha and Congress’s VS Ugagrama. BJP’s new candidate on Mandya seat has brought down Dr. Siddaramaiah, who is facing Congress’s Shivram Gowda. Please also mention here that Shivamoga seat was vacant after the resignation of BS Yeddyurappa, Bellary seat Srimalu and Mandya seat, CS Pittaraju. At the same time, CM Kumaraswamy’s resignation from Ramnagar seat and the demise of the Jhamkhandi seat Congress MLA Sidhu Nizam Gowda was vacant.

Smart phones

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